photo by Andrew Kearns

It Takes a Village

As locals know, Clean Mill Valley has not been organizing group cleanups, but continues to remove litter in two’s or three's. We keep our distance from one another and our masks on. In addition, many of our Adopters clean their individual Spots. Through Next Door we recently met Mack Bell who joined Jill Young, Jeff Conley and Joan Murray to remove litter behind Tam High. One could have a career picking up trash there. Mack found stanchions, traffic cones and more in the marsh. Between us all, we collected five 30 gallon bags of trash.

Normally, we can take a bag or two which the City of Mill Valley disposes of, but this was more than anyone of us wanted to stuff in our cars. Then came Redwood Security to the rescue! Redwood Security is located on Almonte Boulevard beyond the Tam High fields and lucky for us, they allowed us to place our trash in their dumpster. They had noticed us working and were grateful that we were making the neighborhood cleaner and the environment safer for wildlife. Thank you to Jeff Lindley for his neighborly assistance.

We also contacted Tam High maintenance to remove a large chair adjacent to their property and Marin County Public Works to remove a mattress in their territory, before its guts spill into the marsh.

It takes a village, there’s no doubt about it.


Photo on right shows Mack Bell with some of our booty. Photo taken by Joan Murray.

Sucessful 2021
Coastal Cleanup!

Sept. 18th - Coastal Cleanup on the Mill Valley/Sausalito multiuse path attracted over 80 volunteers from Clean Mill Valley (CMV), the Outdoor Art Club (OAC), the Tamalpais Improvement Club (TVIC), as well as other community members. 384 pounds of trash was collected and 12 pounds of recycled materials were reclaimed.

Then-President of the OAC, Pauline Nacamuli, and Green Chair, Lynda Chittenden, were in attendance at the first organizing meeting for CMV back in 2012. The OAC provided initial start up funding for CMV with a grant that allowed us to pay for vests, litter pickers and other supplies. The Club has a long history of environmental activism dating back to the early part of the 20th century and is a mighty force in Mill Valley. Pictured below is OAC member Jackie Hamilton with the result of her work.

Photo by Janice Prochaska

Would you like to report litter on the highway? Click here to file a report!

Salt of the Earth

Tipped Off by a Clean Mill Valley Volunteer, Malugani Tire Center Steps Up Big Time

by Jim Welte | June 25, 2020

Over the past few years, Clean Mill Valley volunteer Peggy Katcher has made it her job to look after a section of East Blithedale Ave. right at the entrance to town. Over time, she has purchased the redwood tree that is growing in the poppy circle, planted the poppies and has dedicated herself to taking care of all of it, in addition to cleaning up litter.

Despite her relentless efforts, as well as a prominent Do Not Litter sign that touts the threat of a $1,000 fine, litter is extensive at the location. In recent weeks, she came upon an older woman and her two cats who'd been living in her truck nearby – she could not move it because the rim of one tire needed to be fixed. She had no money and couldn’t get anywhere to fix it.

"I went over to John Savelli at Maluganii Tire Center and told him the situation," Katcher says. "His guys went over the next morning and repaired the tire. The woman has now moved on. The folks at Malugani would not let us pay for the repair."

"Peggy is simply a force of nature that has improved that entrance to Mill Valley," says Joan Murray, co-founder of Clean Mill Valley.

This story originally submitted to by Jim Welte
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